After the Saturday sales meeting, 3 August 2013 I called my appointment Tia to confirm that she was coming at 9.30 am and she said she would be coming later at 10.30 am and at about 10.30 am I called her back that she was hesitant to come because Russell & Smith Mazda is not on the list of her credit union Houston FCU. I confirmed with her that we could take the Houston FCU approval with no problem because I had done this before with my previous customers. So then she came in. Steve appraised the 2007 Malibu and it was about $5,000 upside down and she had a check $24,000. And she does not want to switch to other vehicle only 2014 Mazda CX 5. She could put maximum $1,000 down so we are about $4,000 apart from making the deal. And she did not want us to pull her credit. I explained it to Steve. And Steve said we are not pulling her credit, our job is to get it financed. I just laughed and Steve said it was not funny. So I went again to Tia to convince her That we should try to pull her credit and see what our finance companies could offer her. She finally agreed. And our finance company could approve her more that what her credit union and with better rate. So she was very happy and left with a new 2014 Mazda CX 5. And wrote great reviews on dealerrater about her