I went to the Apple Store at Memorial City Mall this afternoon to have my Ipad 2 checked, it kept freezing. (Normally I could fix it myself by charging fully and shake it or hit it on my palm). It took me 90 minutes to wait since they were all busy. The technician, Bart from the Genius Bar came in and saw my Ipad and he said the Logic Block was messed up and it should be replaced. So he gave me a quote of $254 to be replaced by a new Ipad 2 64 GB. I wrote down the different prices of Ipad air 2 and the latest one too, the difference is about $300 to $400 so I told him I needed some time to think it over so I called my friend Rehan, who is good at fixing Ipad and Iphones and checked the prices online. I thought the $254 was a fair price so I went back into the store but Bart was leaving so I had to make another appointment and waited for another 20 minutes, another technician, Cody came to help me and he said he needed to check it again though I told him I had been told to have it replaced by a new one at $254. He wrote down the serial number and took my Ipad inside, less than five minutes he came back with my Ipad and it had been fixed and back to normal so I did not have to spend a dime.

So Second Opinion Counts!!!