Sunday, 20 April 2014 message from Joel Osteen is awesome. IT IS NOT OVER. And he gave an example of Daniel from Chicago who has been healed from brain cancer. He was very strong to fight his illness because he was impacted by Joel Osteen’s messages that he watched on TV.

On April 16, 2014 I met and had a chat with Faith, a registered nurse who happened to be a Lakewood goer. She told me that last year his father was hospitalized for two months in India and the medical report said it was over or a slim chance to be cured and she visited him for two weeks and she told me that she had heard a lot of positive and successful stories while attending Lakewood so she started praying for his healing.To her surprise that her father is now back to work normally. We can now imagine how Lakewood impact people all over the world. Please start praying over your friends and family members who need it. Everybody can pray for other people, not only a pastor.