I called Liana, my customer who bought a Mazda 3 about three years ago yesterday  and congratulated her on her Birthday. And I asked her if she needed a new vehicle for her husband. She said she just bought one from A Mazda dealer closer to her house about 9 months ago a 2014 Mazda CX 5 touring but they preferred the Grand Touring, top of the line. And that Mazda dealer could not help her to trade up. So I asked her to come and bring in her Mazda CX 5 so that I could have it appraised and she said she would be able to come later in the evening.  She came by with her husband and traded it up to the Grand Touring with us with probably about $50 more in monthly payment. They were very happy with the new 2014 Mazda CX 5 Grand Touring. A phone call on a birthday congratulations led to a sale.