Today,, Thursday, 19 September 2013 after calling and confirming my clients’ appointments, I went to HPD, Permitting Center on Washington Ave, to have my sales license renewed. When I got there the lady in charge told me that they required a background check/finger prints since 3 September 2013. I was given a form and get it done at A MorphoTrust USA office. As soon as I got to my office I went online to set up an appointment online with MorphoTrust. And it just so happened there is an office within walking distance from my office, Russell & Smith Mazda. There was no more slot for today so I set one up one for Friday, 2:40pm. I went there today at around 4:45pm just to verify the document they require Fast Finger Print Pass. To my surprise they helped me today instead tomorrow because the other two appointments they were expecting had not showed up yet.

Today, Friday, 20 September 2013 I got to the HPD, Permitting center at 1:56pm and checked in to apply for the sales license renewal, the lady checked my background check report and they had not received the full report yet from MorphoTrust, USA. So I have to return one more time.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013 I went again to the HPD, Permitting Center on Washington Avenue, Houston and did not take long and got my sales license renewal because they had received the full repot now.

Cost for the finger prints online $42.64 and the sales license renewal is $60. Hope this article will help save time for those who need a sales license.