At around 10:45 am today, Wednesday my appointment Maggie showed up. And she decided to get a 2014 Mazda CX 5 Touring White with Black interior. So I showed the deal to Mica and told him that I had to match our competitor’s price which was about $200 loss and for a dealer trade one she would pay our cost. Mica said who gave that price to me. I said Steve normally would do that and Santos took it over and searched for a dealer trade. While he was searching, I told him that she would take the one we had but had some additional accessories that would leave us about $550 loss. So Santos worked on the one we had on the lot and Maggie agreed on it but her husband wanted to take the roof rack off. So Santos confirmed with the service advisor that it could be removed. However after being removed it left two holes that we had two replace two bars on the roof and would cost us another $100. So we ordered the parts and would come in in two days’ time because the bars are too long to be overnighted.

The service advisor learned a new lesson now that when we take off the roof rack it would leave
Two holes that we have two replace two new bars.