Erick, First Time Visitor to Lakewood Church


Sunday, September 8, 2013 when I was walking from Lakewood parking Lot to the sanctuary, I was approached by a young korean, who lives in Brisbane, Australia, and he asked me the direction to go to the sanctuary. So I took him. Since he was first time visitor so we had the privilege to be ushered to the front seats. He was in Houston because he participated in a Golf Tournament. He was familiar with Lakewood, he met Joel Osteen in Sydney, Australia and watched him on TV as well. He is active playing guitar in his church. After the service I asked him if he would like to shake hands with Joel Osteen, he said yes. So I took him to queue by the book store . While he was waiting for his turn to meet Joel, I got him a book, I Declare, by Joel Osteen so that he would have something autographed by Joel, he was very pleased. After that we walked to Cafe Express to have some coffee. We had a wonderful chat. He told me how his father was healed after attending David Yonggi Cho’s healing service and his father was unchurched then.