Today at about 9 am I called one of my leads, Chuck who was looking for a 2013 Mazda 3 HB either red or black for his wife. I told him that I had both of them on my lot. He thought I was calling from Munday Mazda. I Confirmed it was from Russell & Smith Mazda and gave him the direction coming from Kingwood. He said he would be coming on Tuesday because they were going to Tyler, Texas to celebrate a family Birthday on the weekends. So I created the urgency by offering him to come today while I still had both colors his wife wanted. So he called his wife to see if they would be able to come in today. He then called me to confirm that he and his wife would be coming in in the next thirty minutes. they brought in the quote and we honored it to the penny and they signed everything and left with the new red 2013 Mazda 3 HB happily. And will drive it to Tyler, Texas.

Creating sense of urgency works for most customers! I may have lost that deal to a Mazda dealer in their neighborhood.