Lakewood, 8.25.2013

Today message at Lakewood is Doing Business in Deep Waters. (Psalm 107:23)

Joel Osteen described how devastating it was when his father went with The Lord 15 years ago. He had no formal education to minister and no experience at all in preaching even in public speaking. He was only involved in producing the videos for his father who was pastoring the church. And he had to step in to continue pastoring the church. So it was like doing business in deep waters. But he always believes that when we are in the most trouble conditions that is when we have the most blessings and favors from God. Joel Osteen describes himself as the living testimony.

I remember exactly maybe about 20 years ago when my brother Pak Sandy had the most trouble, one of his trucks with full load of cigarettes with one of his traveling salesmen was robbed and lost all the content. My brother was also devastated. (My mom, whom I respect highly and more over now that I have found most of her teachings and knowledge are similarly used by well known people like Joel Osteen and other distinctive management gurus) told Sandy to let it go while he was trying to find out whether one of his employees collaborated with the robber. Mom told him that it was a bait that God has created so that Sandy would get far bigger fish. ( This is a similar statement that Joel Osteen used it today @ Lakewood Church). And after this statement made by mom, Sandy could let that big trouble go and concentrated on his business. And now that statement is a living proof!!!. Sandy is far more prosperous now.