8.23.2013. Thursday.

Confirming appointment is very important!

I was planning to get to the office late shift today. At around 9.30 Sona called me that she was coming to see me to talk about getting a 2014 Mazda CX 5 Touring white with leather and Navigation, the one her husband saw the day before. She said she was in the Galleria area and asked me to call her as soon as I get to my office. I told her that I would be in my office in the next hour. Around 10 am I called her that I had already arrived at my office. She said she would come in in the next hour.

In the mean time I was working on the other lead Tammy Cosby whom I talked and confirmed that she would buy the 2014 Mazda CX 5 with leather and navigation at $26500 the same vehicle Sona wanted. And I confirmed with Steve. And I told her that we could match that price she said she would pick it up in the next hour. She also talked to Gilton. Apparently she shopped for Sona as well. I kept calling Tammy till 4 pm she never picked up her phone. And I also kept calling, texting and emailing Sona, no answer. Until around 4 pm she picked up my call and said another dealer gave her a better price at $26300. So she was not coming. I told her I would match competitor’s price. She said she would not come in unless she could get it for $25,500 plus TT & L. And I said just come in we will do the best we can and I will try to help her to get the best price with my GM when she comes in. By 5.30pm she said she would come in by 7 pm. So after a long negotiation, we closed the deal at around 9 pm.

I would have missed this deal if I had not kept calling her. I thought it was already a deal at $26,500 for two different customers. And I had the car detailed already.