Lakewoodood, 8.18.2013

You have what you need, today’s sermon at Lakewood by Joel Osteen.

Often times we are faced with a situation that we feel that we lack something to start a project. At work we often say that we do not have enough leads, not enough ups or enough traffic, not enough inventory. and when we want to start our business we often think that we do not have sufficient office space, not enough capital etc instead of thinking we have what we need right now, and make the best of what we have now.

Many successful people started with what they had, limited resources, for Example Lakewood church started with only 90 people at a rundown feed store though at that time John Osteen was a pastor of a successful church with more than 1,000 members. he said to himself he had what he needed then 90 people and the run down feed store to start Lakewood church. And now Lakewood church has grown as one of the largest churches in the USA.