At around 6 pm my customer Barry came in. He was dissatisfied with the remote engine start that was installed in his 2013 Mazda 3. Every time he used it, when he opened the door the engine went off so he has to reignite the engine. And he said it never happened to him with his previous Mazda. Reo had already explained it to him that it was designed like that because the new Mazda 3 has the push button start. barry said he did not like it. If he had know this before he would not have bought it.

Then I checked with Hiep , a more senior technician and Nathan both said the same thing and Nathan told me it was designed for safety so that the vehicle would not be stolen. I passed this safety feature to Barry and he could understand and accept this. This is showing how you explain to our customers that counts! Find the benefits of the features of the equipment and explain it to the customer. Thanks Nathan.