Lakewood, 8/11/2013

Motivating people by fears is still applicable now?

At work place we are often bombarded by our bosses with negative statements, like if we cannot get CSI score 100 we better not sell a car to that particular customer. You have been here for a while, why you do not get enough referrals because your CSI is suck. If you cannot take care of your customer well, you are not entitled to ask for a perfect CSI. these types of negative statements are still used in car business. I was just wondering if these help motivate or demotivate the sales people.

I know people who have become successful because of living in fears, like fears of having enough foods, enough money to pay the rent, good education etc. Just see successful immigrants who used to live in fears. They are motivated by fears to become successful. It is also explained in the Human Side of Enterprise by McGregor, Stick and Carrot Policy. However I have come across the new trends of teaching, people now are not motivated by fears. They are free from negative labels like incapable, born to be a loser, lazy, no chance, failure, etc.
Today message at Lakewood by Pastor Jentezen Franklin, August 11, 2013
, : Remove the devil’s Tattoo: like Born To Be a Loser, suits the current trend of motivating people.