I just had a customer who had come here last week checking the trade in value of his 2011 Ford Mustang and was looking to get a Preowned Tundra and F250. I showed him the numbers and decided that he would wait and tried to sell the Mustang by himself because the trade in value he expected is about $3000 away from the excellent condition from KBB. Then I showed him Mazda vehicles while he was waiting for his Ford Mustang being serviced. he saw the Mazda 5 and was interested in trading his wife.

He brought his wife’s 2008 Chevy HHR and I had it appraised and I showed him the number on both the 2013 Mazda 5 sport and GT with the trade in value. And he showed me the price the he got from the website called the Best Cars Price. So I checked it and found out the one he had is a manual transmission whose MSRP is $1,000 less. So we worked on the figures we were $3,000 apart and he did not want to take the vehicle we had on the lot. So my GM kept asking me to switch to the one we had on the lot. And he was not interested in the Grand Touring we had. During the negotiation my GM who was working on the deal just passed my desk and talked to the customer and he asked if what he really wanted was a Mazda 5 , he asked if a Mazda 3 HB would work for him. I then showed him the Red Mazda 3 HB, the color that he liked best and he liked it. So we closed the deal with a Mazda 3 HB from a Tundra or F250. It was really a big switch. never stop asking questions and giving customers alternatives when we are faced with impossible deals.