Friday noon , 28 June 2013 my appointment showed up for a 2013 Mazda Miata GT black, she brought me a copy that she printed from the and I asked me if I would be able to match the price. I calculated my pricing and told her , yes I would. Then she agreed to go on a test drive first, then her partner did a test drive too. While waiting for her partner on a test drive she saw the one in the showroom, a copper red. And asked me if that copper red on the rack is an automatic, and I checked it, it was a manual transmission. So she asked me if I could order a copper red for her. I said yes and would take two to three business days. But I tried to sell the ones I had on my lot so I showed her the price of the black one that she initially called me for. And she was still undecided, she still told me that she needed twenty four hours to get to a decision. So I went to my GM, Steve and told him to take turn. While Steve was working for the better pricing, he asked me to show another color, the silver one we had on our lot. She took a look at it. And she liked it too. But still was undecided. So she left and promised me that she would call me within 24 hours. I emailed her several times the next couple of hours but no answer yet. I left messages too on her phone.

The next morning I called her. And talked to her that she decided on the silver one and would come at 1 pm to pick it up. She came and did the financing with us as well and was very happy with the silver one.

Show the customers what we have and tell them what we can do! Otherwise I would have lost this sale.