I bought two $25 Shell gift cards at a local Kroger then I tried to use them at a Shell gas station close to my work and both of them were denied. I went back to Kroger to tell them the problem. And I could not find the receipt. A sales assistant abruptly said they could not be returned because they did not even know if I bought them there. I asked if They could search in their system through my reward cards then she called the customer service on the back of the Shell cards and came back to me saying that The cards have truly been never used and asked me to come back the next morning to see the customer service counter representative. It is a bad service, in the beginning she already said if I even bought them there, she already gave the impression as if I was trying to cheat them,

Monday, 22 April I went to Kroger customers’s service counter and Ashley fixed the problem by checking it with my reward card information.