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Hi Jerry,

I’ve been putting off buying a new car for years mainly due to terrible experiences in the past. I had a great car buying experience at Russell and Smith Mazda. It was an absolute no sales pressure process. In fact, at first I thought the staff was ignoring me! I expected them to latch on and talk my ear off like most salesmen do. Once they greeted me, they just stood back, only approaching to answer all my questions. At no point did they pressure me into buying extra add-ons, options, or warranties. My salesman was Sutoyo Sugiharto and F&I was Roy Howard. Both were very patient, professional and friendly.

I did lots of research and wanted a very specific car. I first contacted Sutoyo in December, two months before the car was even released to the public. At the time he have no information on the car. When the car was finally released, it was in such high demand they could barely keep one on the showroom to show customers. Even worse, I wanted a manual transmission and those are really rare. I actually ordered the car and put down a deposit with another dealer. Even though I didn’t put a deposit with Sutoyo, he never gave up and was able to get the car before the other dealer. Tell me what kind of salesman will put up with a potential customer for 5 months without a deposit or any guarantee that a sale would be made?
I paid straight MSRP for the car due its limited supply and high demand. TrueCar actually priced it above MSRP. However I got a great offer on my trade. I actually wasn’t thinking about trading in my car but the made to a generous offer, 10% above Kelley Blue Book, and paid me cash!

This was a great experience overall and I can go on and on. Thanks for the great advice and keep up the great work with your show.

Kai Chen

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